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Manage your project

Involve patients, carers and the public

You will have already considered how to engage patients, carers and the public as part of your application. 

All NIHR-funded researchers are encouraged to involve patients, carers and the public throughout planning and delivering their research. Researchers are encouraged to evaluate the effectiveness of their patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) and required to report on PPIE in the final report for their project. 

Visit the INVOLVE website for advice on how to involve patients, carers and the public in research


Sign a contract

The NIHR funds research by contracting researchers’ organisations on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to perform individual research projects. We use contracts that differ slightly depending on what sort of organisation the lead researcher is based in.

Read about how we contract with researchers on our contracts page.


Register your study and seek regulatory approval

NIHR-funded researchers need to register their study with a relevant database and seek regulatory approval. We also expect NIHR-funded researchers to adhere to the highest standards of research governance.

More information is available on our regulatory approval, registration and governance page.

Plan for intellectual property

NIHR-funded intellectual property can take a wide range of forms, including know-how, data sets, copyright, trademarks and patents.

We work with researchers to ensure that the intellectual property generated from NIHR funding is secured within an appropriate legal and contractual environment. This ensures that the NIHR, NHS and broader public sector have the best chance of realising benefits and achieving impact from the research that we fund.

Read more about our approach to intellectual property.

Deliver your study

The NIHR Study Support Service, run by the NIHR Clinical Research Network, helps researchers plan, set up and deliver high quality research to time and target in both the NHS and in the wider health and social care environment.

Find out more about how the NIHR Study Support Service can help deliver your research.

Provide progress reports

When your project starts, you will be required to provide regular progress reports. Your study spending will also be monitored against targets set during start-up.

More information is available on our progress reports page.

Submit a final report

All researchers funded by NIHR research programmes are required to submit a final report on their project. Researchers must provide a draft final report to the relevant research programme team within 14 days of their contract completion date or date of termination

For five of our research programmes, the final report is published in NIHR Journals Library. More information on submitting your final report is available in the Information for Authors section of the Journals Library website.

Submit research outputs

All NIHR-funded researchers are required to notify the NIHR of any outputs from their research at least 28 days ahead of them appearing in the public domain.

We expect you to publish your main study findings in a peer-reviewed, open access journal.

Any outputs should acknowledge the NIHR funding with our standard acknowledgement and disclaimer wording. Outputs may also display the ‘Funded by NIHR’ logo, where appropriate.

Find out more on our research outputs and branding page.

Report impact

We ask NIHR-funded researchers and trainees to track and measure outputs, outcomes and impacts during their funding award and for at least five years afterwards.

You’re required to report this information once a year through Researchfish, an online data collection platform used by over a hundred funders. The information you submit allows us to demonstrate the difference that your research project has made, make the case for continued applied health research funding and evaluate the most effective ways to allocate it.

More information is available on our reporting impact page.

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